summer bbq

I made this lampshade this week out of crochet doilies that I learned from here. It didn’t turn out perfect but it has its charm.

Today’s menu: I made Korean bbq ribs, caramelized onion & grapefruit salad and oven roasted potato, orange & arugula salad topped with crumbled Gorgonzola and toasted walnut.

and of course some gourmet burgers.

My fashionista Chloe changed her outfit a dozen times during the party.

Water guns and water balloons were big hits.

Our guest brought mini cupcakes, homemade cookies and pie.

Here’s a picture of me talking with a guest.

Here’s a picture of me saying, “no, no don’t shoot water at me!”

It turned out to be a great day spent with awesome company!


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